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Keep Fresh Air In and Bugs Out!
30" - 36"

48" - 72" FRENCH

Size Fits Doorways Price Size Fits Doorways Price
30" x 80" 29" - 30" W
78" - 80" H
$39.95 48" x 80" 47" - 49" W
78" - 80" H
32" x 80" 31" - 33" W
78" - 80" H
$39.95 60" x 80" 59" - 61" W
78" - 80" H
36" x 80" 35" - 37" W
78" - 80" H
$39.95 72" x 80" 71" - 73" W
78" - 80" H
32" - 36"

60" - 72" FRENCH

SIDE OPENING either side
Size Fits Doorways Price Size Fits Doorways Price
32" x 96" 31" - 33" W
94" - 96" H
$54.95 60"R x 80" 59" - 61" W
78" - 80" H
34" x 79" 33" - 35" W
77" - 79" H
$39.95 64"R x 80" 63" - 65" W
78" - 80" H
36" x 84" 35" - 37" W
82" - 84" H
$44.95 72"R x 80" 71" - 73" W
78" - 80" H
36" x 96" 35" - 37" W
94" - 96" H
$54.95 72"R x 96" 71" - 73" W
94" - 96" H

Don't see your size here? See our Custom Size Chart.

Opens Instantly, Closes Magnetically

Summer means sun, fun and barbeques, but it also brings mosquitoes, flies and other pesky critters to your backyard. Instead of installing an expensive screen door, invest in a tough barrier to keep the pests out of your home for a portion of the price. Bug Off Instant Screen works and looks better than all other instant screens, including Magic Mesh. Bug Off Instant Screen is the original removable mesh screen door. Our screens, mesh and magnets are proudly made in the USA with durable materials. Bug Off Instant Screen closes with tough magnets and installs in minutes.

Works and Looks Better than ALL other Instant Screens Including Magic Mesh.

The First and The Best
Made with USA Screen,
Mesh and Magnets

Save hundreds screening your doors!

Awarded 4 out of 5 Stars
1,000+ Positive Online Reviews

Bug Off® Instant Screen Quick Facts

Don't Be Fooled
Online reviews and customer videos rate other instant screens, such as As Seen on TV’s Magic Mesh, are “cheaply made,” with poor materials such as “netting, not real screen mesh,” and “fall apart quickly,” because “the magnets are weak and fall off the screen.”

Products like Magic Mesh, Mega Mesh, and Magna Mesh can take at least 30 minutes to install and attach to the face of the doorjamb with hook and loop fasteners and thumbtacks. This damages the door frame and looks terrible. These products may be slightly cheaper than Bug Off Screen, but cost customers more in replacements and repairs.

Watch Bug Off Screen vs. Cheaper China Screens - Learn More.

Watch 6 Month Follow Up Review

Bug Off Screen started the instant screen industry

Bug Off Screen began over 20 years ago. After all those years, we still use the most durable materials including screen mesh and high energy magnets that securely snap closed all made in the USA. Our magnets are sewn onto the screen with strong webbing behind them, so they stay on for years.

The imitation screens know we’re better. Several of these companies have used the Bug Off trademark and photos in their ads to try and fool customers, including Magic Mesh who used our photo on their website, before we stopped them. That says it all.

Quick Installation, No Tools

Bug Off Screen works like a shower curtain in your doorway. The spring tension rod installs in about 5 minutes into the door frame without damage from nailing or gluing materials. The screen attaches to the inside of the doorjamb, rather than the face, for a clean, professional look.

It’s so easy to install and uninstall, you can move Bug Off from door to door, or take it to your vacation home. Use it year-round, or temporarily, when and where you need it. Space saving design allows for easy storage at season’s end.

Standard and Custom Sizes

Bug Off Screen works on all doors – single doors, double doors, sliding glass doors and French doors that open in or out. See our list of standard sizes. We also create custom sizes for square openings like windows and pet doors.

Magnetic, hands-free entry and exit

Our mesh screen door is great parties and busy families. Anyone can walk through with hands full without worrying about closing the door. The powerful magnets in Bug Off automatically snap closed behind you. This makes them a great addition to high traffic areas like hallways and patio doors. With its powerful magnets, you can be sure no one leaves the screen open to allow bugs in.a

Makes any door a pet door

Your pet can let themselves in and out, so you don’t have to. No need for pet doors, or doggie doors. Both dogs and cats love Bug Off Screen. This smart screen door keeps the bugs out while letting fresh air in. Its virtually hands-free design lets your pets come and go as they please. Keep your doors open for natural cooling. Save money and energy while keeping the bugs out.

Costs less than standard screens

French door and tall door owners save hundreds. Standard French and tall screens cost $300-$1200, but Bug Off Screens cost $40 - $130. Enjoy our convenient features. Bug Off is available in center and side opening designs and in multiple sizes or custom sizes, making it perfect for French door patio doors.

Great for Renters

Bug Off was originally invented for renters in apartments and condos, who may not install permanent fixtures or where standard framed screen doors are often not permitted. Just because you live in an apartment, doesn’t mean you should tolerate bugs. Because Bug Off is so easy to remove, you can bring it with you to your next place.

No question, Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your Bug Off magnetic screen door, return it for a no-hassle refund. We guarantee that you will not find a better instant door net screen anywhere. Bug Off Screen is the most attractive, durable and functional instant screen door, with the most sizes and will last for years. Love it, or your money back.

The Bug Off magnetic screen doors are not security doors. Please do not use them if you want to keep small children or pets inside. We also do not recommend Bug Off Screen for extremely windy areas, which can prevent the screen from closing automatically and require you to close it manually.

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