Reversible French Door Screen (R)

Side Opening 25/75 split - for customers who open only one of their French doors, or sliding glass door half way.

Keep your French doors open for natural cooling. Bug Off costs hundreds less than other French door screens, with more available sizes and custom sizes too. The easy, do-it-yourself installation will not damage your French doors. See below...


Reversible French Door Screens (R)

By customer demand, we have taken our patented design and created a side opening Bug Off Reversible French Door Screen for customers who only open one of their French doors, or their sliding glass doors halfway (that's most of us). Our French door screen works on French doors that open in or out. It spans the width of both doors, but opens in the center of one door only. Instead of a center opening 50/50 split, is has a side opening 25/75 split. It can be turned around, or reversed depending upon which side you want to open. And with our Reversible French Door Screen, you can open one, or both doors and easily go in and out. We make 4 standard sizes and we make custom sizes for customers with custom French doors, or custom sliding glass doors.


60"R x 80" - $69.95

64"R x 80" - $74.95

72"R x 80" - $79.95

72"R x 96" - $99.95

The Reversible Bug Off Screen is also a perfect screen for sliding glass doors, since most people open their sliders about half way.

If you only need temporary protection for one of your doors, you can install one of our smaller 30”, 32” or 36” screens between the jamb and one closed door. But you will have to take the screen down to close the doors. We recommend this to our customers who do not frequently open their French doors, but would like to have temporary protection for party or barbecue, for instance. The screen can be taken down and re-installed in minutes and can be stored away in small spaces when not in use. This is a less expensive solution for those who do not need permanent insect protection.

Our standard design opens in the center of both doors.

Bug Off Screen comes in several sizes and is easy to install.

Our reversible design allows you to close both doors without removing the screen. If you always open both doors, we recommend our standard, center opening design. Please see our standard screen diagram.

Same Great Features

The Bug Off Reversible French Door Screen has all the same convenient features as our center opening design. It provides a simple tool-free installation that won’t damage your door frame. The Reversible French door screen is portable, so you can move it from door to door and store it away at season’s end. It's available in custom sizes for your custom doors. And it provides magnetic, hands-free entry and exit for you, your family, guests and pets.

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